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exterior fire-x - exterior fire retardant treated wood.

exterior fire-x lumber and plywood offers the workability and versatility of wood as well as the fire-safety and insurance advantages of non-combustible materials. balconies and exterior walls constructed of exterior fire-x may be considered non-combustible by some building codes.【Get Price】

9 popular types of siding for the exterior of your home

covering the exterior of your home with log siding can make it look like a log home without rebuilding the home. log siding comes in quarter logs and half logs. the finishes are smooth knotted or for that authentic log-home appearance hand-hewn. some log siding isn't even wood but resembles wood and is available in vinyl or steel.【Get Price】

17 different types of house siding (with photo examples)

wood strip siding. thin wood boards can also be used as siding. often installed in a tongue-in-groove style the boards can be placed horizontally or vertically but must have good waterproofing underneath them. this exterior is a combination of strip siding and glass. placing the strips vertically accents the height of the house.【Get Price】

exterior siding options for your home - quicken loans

there’s a reason they make most exterior siding materials looks like wood – everyone is looking for that sturdy wooden-house aesthetic. cons depending on the type of wood you want (cedar spruce fir and redwood) and the type of wood siding you want (clapboard shingles board and batten logs). costs will vary but the average cost is.【Get Price】

a better alternative to wood beadboard for exterior porch.

using wood beadboard ceiling panels. wood is a time-tested building material that has been around for centuries. builders definitely have an element of trust with this material which has been cultivated for many types of projects. and there are certainly some advantages to choosing natural wood beadboard for your home project. 1. familiar.【Get Price】

painting 101: oil or latex? | hgtv

if there's wood involved you may want to consider oil-based paint. when in doubt tell the experts at your home center what you're doing and they'll be happy to offer advice. with all the new products out there for latex paint you can tackle almost any decorative finish!【Get Price】

the pros and cons of wood siding - united home experts.

the pros and cons of wood siding wood siding is so common and so popular in many parts of the country especially in the west that many homeowners never even consider any other type of siding. while there are many choices that homeowners need to acquaint themselves with wood siding has certainly withstood the test of time and is still one of.【Get Price】

engineered wood siding: pros & cons options manufacturers.

engineered wood siding: pros & cons options manufacturers and cost. engineered wood siding is marketed as a lower-cost easy-to-install alternative to solid wood siding. it is a popular choice for homeowners who prefer the look of wood siding to the mundane aesthetics of vinyl but want to keep their siding costs in check.【Get Price】

solid advantages with solid phenolic wall panels.

out of the many types of building materials available to architects and specifiers solid phenolic wall panels have become increasingly popular due to their durability ease of maintenance versatility and code-compliance.【Get Price】

house siding options plus costs pros & cons 2019

wood siding costs installed plus roi. natural wood material is relatively expensive considering the cost of initial investment and the ongoing maintenance costs. on average natural wood siding costs between $7 to $12 per sq. ft. installed. this range depends on grain and grade mainly as well as the style option.【Get Price】

benefits of interior pine siding | prefinished wood paneling

if you’re getting ready to install prefinished wood paneling then learning some more about the benefits along with some care tips will help you to get the most out of your investment. advantages of using interior pine siding in your home【Get Price】

wood siding pros and cons - learning center

when it’s time to replace your home’s exterior siding two of the most popular options you’ll encounter are wood and fiber cement. homeowners have used wood siding for centuries but fiber cement siding is a newer alternative that has its own set of characteristics. learn about the advantages.【Get Price】