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prized by sailors worldwide for its strength and beauty as decking or trim material teak sails through all kinds of weather effortlessly. as one of the hardest woods in the world it's also used ...【Get Price】

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in my opinion drab looking teak really lets the appearance of a boat down and i have heard many brokers and buyers alike confirm this. so for those who want to keep their teak looking its best there are a couple basic rules that should be followed. rule 1- never use a high pressure hose to clean teak decks. as with most timbers teak is made up ...【Get Price】

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teak deck treatments. it is natural for teak to turn a silvery grey colour and for many this is the traditional way to leave teak decks. however some people prefer to keep they teak looking like new and a freshly sanded colour. there are a number of options for teak deck maintenance:-traditional teak oils :- we don’t like using oil on a deck ...【Get Price】

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how do you clean teak decks? to clean teak decks – start with west marine’s environ-friendly or similar boat soap in a bucket and fill ¾ with water. add approximately a ½ of tsp(trisodium phosphate – you can get this at west marine or any hardware store) to this mixture.【Get Price】

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teak sealer is water-based eco-friendly and won't harm plants lawn or animals. after an initial two-coat application of teak sealer simply recoat annually to preserve golden teak appearance. teak sealer has an indefinite shelf life - leftover teak sealer can be used for future applications. learn more about golden sealer【Get Price】

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i have a 55' grand banks alaskan with worn teak decks. the teak strips were originally about 3/4" thick with 1/4" grooves for caulking. the decks have been sanded by previous owners to the point where there is 1/16" or less groove (the caulking is more decorative than functional in many spots) and the nails have been exposed and in some cases partially sanded.【Get Price】

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if you want to dress a toe rail for example - it is a nice contrast with the greyed teak decks and looks actually beautiful. hallberg rassy and other swedish boat builder who build most boats with teak decks suggest a similar simple procedure to keep the teak beautiful by letting it grey. leehoundvindo35【Get Price】

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if you’ve recently bought some new teak furniture for your patio or backyard (or if you’re thinking about buying teak furniture soon) you may be wondering which product you should use to preserve the look of your beautiful teak furniture.【Get Price】

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there are many oils varnishes and polyurethanes on the market today. teak & deck professionals has observed the best results from a high-quality custom teak sealer formulated specifically for our use. this sealer is a flat finish which contains a uv and mildew inhibitor which helps to preserve your furniture.【Get Price】

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how to preserve your deck. related book. home maintenance for dummies 2nd edition. by james carey morris carey . one of the best ways to protect your outdoor wood surfaces is to use a high-quality oil-based wood preservative. using an oil-based wood preservative with ultraviolet inhibitors keeps your deck surfaces looking newer longer.【Get Price】